Indian Bhindi Masala:

Indian cuisine is well known for attracting people from all parts of the world. Gone are the days when Indian food was available in India only. Today we see top notch Indian restaurants around the world including United States of America. Variety of Indian food is very much appreciated and loved everywhere. Indian Bhindi Masala is one of the vegetarian dishes that you should not miss when you step in to an Indian restaurant.


Bhindi is called lady finger in English and Indian Bhindi Masala is made up of stir fried ladyfingers which is delicately stuffed with spices such as garam masala along with several other grounded spices. The dish is stir fried and slightly sautéed giving a distinct flavor to this cute vegetable. It is different in taste and texture from the batter fried bhindi. The dish is usually served with dal and steamed rice or with chapatti in the form of sabzi.


If you are a resident of High Point then you are lucky as you have several Indian restaurants in High Point serving delicious Indian food to their customers. Next step when you visit there, do order this fried lady finger dish and enjoy the taste of stuffed and fried lady finger.