Indian Chicken Achari

Indian Chicken achari literally means pickled chicken. In other words, it is chicken which is made up of pickling spices. It is from North Indian curry cuisine and combination of several spices. Usually the spices used in preparing this dish include nigella seeds, fennel seeds, as well as fenugreek seeds for rich, warm, and pickle flavored curry having smokey aroma at its best. No doubt North Indian cuisine has several dished prepared in pickles however this specific dish holds a separate place in every manner. It has wonderful taste and flavor satisfying taste buds of whoever eats it and amuses people with different experience as compared to the usual dishes.

Indian Chicken achari is no doubt one of the must dishes on the menu of Indian restaurants in Highpoint and in the rest of the world. It would be true to say that if it is an Indian Restaurant; then chicken achari must be ordered without looking at the names of the dishes. Either it is about treating yourself or enjoying the meal with friends and family; you can always rely on chicken acahri. It is worth spending your hard earned income and you will not reget your decision in any manner.