Indian Chicken Manchurian

Indian chicken Manchurian is deliciously fried chicken which is made in slightly hot, sour and sweet Manchurian sauce. It is one of the Indo Chinese dish very much popular in the Indian subcontinent. Its other vegetarian versions such as paneer Manchurian, gobi Manchurian and vegetable Manchurian are considered to be equally delicious too. Chicken Manchurian is not a Chinese dish however it is food fusion from the Chinese and the Indian cuisine. Following the same, the dish has been the adaptation of the Chinese cooking and seasoning methods to meet the requirements of the Indian taste buds.

Indian chicken Manchurian is all about fried crispy chicken chunks which have been well tossed in savory and sweet sauce. It is usually served with noodles or fried rice. Soy sauce based sauce and sweet tomato ketchup make it perfect choice of the adults and the kids alike. The best thing about the dish is that it is not overly sweet but perfect combination of saltiness and sweet with saltiness borrowed from the soy sauce, and tanginess from the vinegar balancing the dish out perfectly. So next time when you visit any of the Indian restaurants in Highpoint try this dish out and you will not regret it.