Indian Chicken Tikka Masala:

Indian Chicken Tikka Masala is one of the main courses of the Indian cuisine. It is a dish having chunks of marinated chicken in a spicy curry sauce. Normally the curry is creamy and orange in color. Orange color is mainly because of the parika, turmeric, tomato puree or some food dye. A sauce made up of coriander and tomato is a must however one cannot say that there is certain standardized recipe for tikka masala. However, common ingredient has been agreed to be the chicken.

Different theories are around about the origin of this dish however it is considered to be from South Asia when it was ruled by the Great Britain. Hence it is being viewed to be created in the Indian subcontinent. Since it is always there on the menu of all the Indian restaurants in Highpoint and rest of the world, it is never difficult to enjoy the taste whenever wanted. It does not matter if you went alone to enjoy Indian Chicken Tikka Masala or you are going with your immediate family members or friends, the dish will not disappoint you in any manner. You will not regret ordering this dish in any manner. It will satisfy your taste buds indeed.