Indian Dal Fry (Yellow):

Dal is generally toor dal, mung dal, masoor dal, or even channa dal. Indian Dal Fry (Yellow) is one of the most tasty and simple lentil curry recipe when made with split pea lentil as well as several Indian spices. It is cooked until it mushy and disintegrating. Side by side tadka of different spices is made in a Wok, then onions and tomatoes are added to spices and then they are sautéed until it is very well cooked.


No doubt Indian Cuisine holds a significant place in the world of cuisines around the globe. Gone are the days when it was difficult for people to find real Indian food and taste out of India. Today we see several restaurants successfully working in different parts of the world. Being a resident of Highpoint, you must be aware of the fact that you can have delicious and mouthwatering Indian dishes in every Indian Restaurant.


Hence next when you step in to any of the Indian restaurants in Highpoint don’t forget to order Indian Dal fry(Yellow Dal) and satisfy your taste buds. Order it with chapati or boiled rice, whatever is your choice. You will not regret ordering it in any manner.