Indian Dal Makhni:

Indian Dal Makhni is considered to be among the classic Indian dishes. Main ingredients of this dish include the rajma, urad dal, spices, and butter. It is one of the renowned lentil based dishes. Origin of this delicious dish is the Punjab region of Pakistan and India both.Dal refers to lentils while makahn is butter. It is basically a buttery lentil. It would not be wrong to say that Indian Dal Makhni has always been a keeper and has never failed in amazing whoever eats it. It does not matter if you are serving it to your guests, or you have made it normally for a meal at home with your immediate family members, this dish will not disappoint you.

Living in aboard one can always have the same taste of Indian food by visiting the Indian Restaurants. This dish is mandatory on the menu of the Indian restaurants in Highpoint. It is worth stating here that the dish is not only liked by the Indians but people from other countries too. Next time when you want to have a buttery dine out, visit an Indian restaurant and order this delicious dish for you and for your loved ones. You will not regret your decision.