Indian Fish Curry

Indian fish curry is a simple, flavorful, and delicious Indian dish. It is basically made in tomato base. At times, people use coconut based sauce to make this dish as well. It completely depends on your choice. Fish is no doubt one of the favorite sea foods and most of the people around the world like to eat it. This south Indian dish is usually served with steamed rice adding flavor to the dish overall. It is one of the staple combinations among the people living in coastal areas. There you will find Goan fish thali which is a type of platter. It always comes with a bowl of fish curry, a fried fish piece, few vegetables, certain pickles along with a digestive drink made up of coconut milk. It is nothing short of a platter taking one to the next level of fish curry taste.

Either you go alone or take your family with you; trying Indian fish curry is a must for you. It is easily available on the menu of Indian restaurants in Highpoint so you will not have to worry if the restaurant you will be visiting will have it or not. You will not regret ordering this dish at all.