Indian Lamb Curry:

Indian Lamb curry is a delicious and wholesome meal to be enjoyed. The dish is made up of onions and tomatoes cooked with an array of spices. The sauce of the dish is fragrant, flavorful and the meat is fork tender. Normally boneless shoulder of lamb is considered perfect for the chopped stew meat of lamb or lamb curry. It is normally served with Indian cucumber salad, steamed basmati rice and raita. In case you like thick gravy, then the dish will be served with freshly made roti or chapatis too.

Whenever it is about Indian recipes, we usually hear about butter chicken, easy tandoori chicken, chicken biryani or chicken. However, Indian Lamb curry is one of the all-time favorite dishes. Since it takes longer to be cooked than chicken; people tend to eat mostly when they visit restaurant. Therefore, when you visit any of the Indian restaurants in Highpoint try this dish. Stop drooling over the other routine dishes as mentioned above, but satisfy your taste buds with this tantalizing dish. Enjoy the dish with rice, salad and raita. In case you are not fan of rice, then the same dish with thick gravy will be served with chapatis. You will be amused in every manner.