Indian Methi Malai Paneer

If you are looking forward to satisfy your taste buds with something different on your plate with paneer, then you should not think anymore and try this tantalizing Indian Methi malai paneer. It is an ultimate mixture of fresh leaves of fenugreek and paneer. It will give you perfect taste with any kind of Indian bread available.

We all know Indians love paneer and hence there are several paneer recipes. Some of these recipes are tried and tested, old ones while some of these are innovative and modern. It just does not matter that which category a dish belongs, as long as it has paneer, Indians will trust to gobble it up. Even the non-vegetarians who otherwise don’t eat veggies are always happy to turn in to vegetarians when they are served paneer. So this time when you want something delicious and different, Indian Methi malai paneer is what you should get for you.

Being a resident of Highpoint, you must be aware of the fact that there are several Indian restaurants in Highpoint which will sever this dish to you. You will experience enriched dish with perfect flavor to satisfy your taste buds. It is worth trying indeed in every manner.