Indian Palak Paneer:

Indian Palak paneer is one of the north Indian dishes where creamy spinach sauce is mixed with Indian cottage cheese infused with spices. It is usually served with side of coconut rice or basmati rice. Also it goes well with the paratha, naan or jeera rice. It is among the favorite dishes of vegetarians to be ordered in Indian restaurants in Highpoint and everywhere else. The star of this delicious dish is creamy sauce made up of pureed or chopped spinach cooked in several spices. The said sauce is well complemented with Indian cottage cheese or paneer you call it. No doubt, it is a simple yet irresistible dish to satisfy your taste buds in every manner.

Moms are happy with this dish since kids usually don’t eat spinach. However, when it is mixed with paneer they like it like anything. In other words, Indian Palak paneer is one of the easiest and best ways of sneaking to the greens. It is also a North Indian dish. It is healthier version of creamy paneer made dishes.

Whatever the reason is, the said dish is perfect in taste and health based contents. You will be amusing your taste buds at best with this dish.