Indian Shrimp And Cashew Curry:

Indian Shrimp and cashew curry is one of the light, fresh and full of ultimate flavors dishes. The savory shrimp well harmonizes the zingy ginger, bright tomatoes, and buttery cashews in this tasty dish. Lime juice and cilantro leaves add to the sizzling color and taste of the dish at their best. At times turmeric and cumin are added to the dish too. Thick Greek yogurt is dolloped right before the dish is served and brings the perfect zing to the look of the dish. This is indeed a different dish as compared to the traditional Indian dishes such as chicken karahi, chicken biryani, tandoori chicken, lamb curry etc. You will be tantalizing your taste buds in every manner.

It does not matter which of the Indian restaurants in Highpoint or in any other part of the world you go, you will find this dish on their menu. Though the name of the dish i.e. Indian Shrimp and cashew curry looks really fancy however it is settled in the pot in no time. Aroma of the curry will take you to another world. You will not regret ordering this curry for you or for your loved ones. It is worth spending money.