Indian Vegetable Jalfrezi

Indian vegetable jalfrezi is one of the well-known North Indian dishes. It is basically dry and stir fry dish prepared by sautéing the vegetables with several selected spices. You may select the vegetables according to your choice and taste. Jalfrezi gained popularity during the British Raj where cooks were habitual of using old meat, and then spicing it up with onions and green chillies. No doubt, jalfrezi is one popular dish across the globe and is easily prepared. It is usually served with palak raita and phulkas. It can also be served with rice and dal combo.

At times, Indian vegetable jalfrezi is also referred to as an Indo Chinese street type cuisines curry having a strong influence of stir frying technique of Chinese having hint of Indian spices. It is again basically a vegetarian dish however non vegetarians are also always happy to have this dish on their tables. It would not be wrong to say that next time when you visit any of the Indian restaurants in Highpoint you can order this delicious dish and satisfy your taste buds. Either you visit the restaurant alone or with your loved ones; the said dish will not disappoint
you in any manner.