Indian Vegetable Manchuria:

Indian vegetable Manchuria is one of the Indo Chinese dish. It is made of fried balls made of veggies in to a sweet, spicy, and tangy sauce. It is a gravy based recipe where the fried veggie balls are tossed and dunked. The sauce is enriched with eclectic flavors such as savory, sweet, umami, and sour. Manchurian is basically an Indian lingo terms meant for fried meat or veggies
in a spicy umami sauce. The sauce can also be called Manchurian sauce. Manchurian along with several others Chinese Indian recipes have been the innovative ideas of Chinese people who were residing in Kolkata. It is again basically a vegetarian dish which is liked by both the vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Hence it cannot be restricted to certain group of people.

The Indian vegetable Manchuria is always there on the menu of all the Indian restaurants in Highpoint. Wherever you go, you will have easy access to this wonderful and delicious dish. It does not matter if you want to have this dish for yourself alone or you want to enjoy it with your immediate family members and loved ones. You will just not be disappointed in any manner. It will satisfy your taste buds in every manner.